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What Is Digital Marketing ?

Digital marketing is the process of promoting your business and its products & services online with the prospect of getting in touch with potential customers and existing clients of your business. In today’s modern age, digital marketing proves to be a great deal in helping your business reach ideal prospects. And this in turn results in new website traffic, leads and finally conversions. You need to work with the best digital marketing agency in Coimbatore India which serves customer to branding their company online energetically.

Digital marketing is in itself an umbrella term for the services that are being offered in order to increase your business prospects online. Some of the most common digital marketing services are Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Paid Ads, Video Marketing, Online Reputation Development & Management, WhatsApp Ad Creation & Marketing, Bulk SMS Marketing and more.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing comes with great benefits for your businesses. From improving online visibility to growing website traffic, let’s look at the most common benefits of digital marketing.

 Global Reach

One of the best benefits of digital marketing is that you can grow your website to make it visible to the global audience or just for a specific geographic area - it’s totally up to you. Digital marketing is a powerful marketing method that leverages all digital mediums and channels to give great exposure and the best results for your business. And when partnered with the best digital marketing agency in Coimbatore the results are imminent

 Measurable Results

This is another great benefit of Digital Marketing. You always get to measure the results of your campaigns and efforts. This helps you figure out what works and what does not work for your business and helps make informed business decisions in the future. A digital marketing agency with great attention to detail will keep track of all your results and customize your business growth plan accordingly.

 Best ROI

When it comes to Return on Investment, Digital Marketing is the best. You get more than what you invest by a great margin difference. For example, Email Marketing has an ROI rate of 4400%. All other digital marketing services give a great ROI, making it one of the best choices for growing your business.

 Highly Cost-Effective

Like the heading says, Digital Marketing is highly cost-effective and results-yielding when compared to traditional marketing methods. You pay only for services you avail and you get to choose what’s best for your business.

 Reach Target Audience

This is the reason why a lot of businesses have started to prefer Digital Marketing over traditional marketing methods. With digital marketing, you can laser target your audience and market only to them rather than advertising to the mass population. This approach helps you gain more leads and conversions because you are reaching out to people who might possibly be interested in your business or what you offer.

Those are the five important benefits why you should choose digital marketing services for your business.

What Services Do We Offer At 123TWS Digital Marketing Agency ?

123TWS is one of the best digital marketing companies in Coimbatore offering end-to-end digital marketing services for your business growth. We provide all necessary digital marketing services to help grow your business and reach out to your target audience and make them into conversions

1. Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the process of making your website and its pages search engine friendly so that they appear on top of the search results, making it easy for the audience to find your services. SEO is the first step in successful digital marketing. Good SEO practices will help improve your online visibility and website traffic, resulting in leads and conversions. At 123TWS digital marketing agency in Coimbatore, we offer and follow the best SEO practices to improve your website’s positioning.

Benefits of Search Engine Optimization
  •  Cost-effective when compared to paid ads and traditional marketing mediums.
  •  Has the potential to increase your website traffic by over 100% and even more.
  •  Increases brand credibility and trust factor amidst audience due to higher positioning.
  •  Better Return on Investment and a solid foundation for your business down the lane.
  •  Makes your website stand out among competitors and grow seamlessly.

2. Google Paid Ad Campaigns

Paid ad campaigns are an effective way to drive instant traffic to your website. It also helps in building brand awareness. 123TWS is one of thebest digital marketing company in Coimbatore that provides best paid ad campaign services. We conduct in-depth research to understand your business goals and come up with a paid ad campaign strategy. We make sure to optimize paid ad campaigns to deliver best results within your budget. It’s a win-win - you get to spend what you can and get best results as well. We also help create dedicated landing pages for your ad campaigns.

Benefits of Google Paid Ad Campaigns
  •  Boosts brand awareness by appearing on the top of organic search results.
  •  Provides quicker results when compared to search engine optimization.
  •  Drives instant leads and conversions without much effort.

3. Social Media Marketing

Today, more than 4 billion people use social media and there are a lot of social media platforms that can be leveraged for business growth. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are being increasingly used by businesses to grow their online presence and promote brand awareness. We help you grow your social presence by creating visually stunning posts and other strategies which include marketing activities like posting, sharing, enhancing your profile pages, running social media ad campaigns and more.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing
  •  Improves online presence and promotes brand awareness to drive new potential audiences towards businesses.
  •  Acts as an ideal platform to engage with the audience and improve loyalty.
  •  Showcase achievements and announce upcoming events, discounts, offers and more.
  •  Boost traffic by bringing referral traffic to your website and other landing pages.

4. Content Marketing

Content marketing is the process of driving new traffic and engaging with your existing customers with blogs, and landing pages. With content marketing, you can seamlessly promote your product and services the way you want. Content marketing includes blogs, website content, social media content, ebooks, email campaigns, brochures, etc.

At 123TWS digital marketing services company in Coimbatore, we have in-house copywriters who understand the goals and needs of your business and craft catchy content accordingly. We write blogs, website content, ebooks, email copies, social media copies by researching and following the best SEO practices to deliver great results.

Benefits of Content Marketing
  •  Provide value to your audience with educational content and build long-term relationships with clients.
  •  Content marketing directly benefits search engine optimization and helps improve your website positioning and online visibility.
  •  Become thought leaders and innovators by sharing values.
  •  Build connections with people on the go.

5. Video Marketing

Videos speak better than pictures and words. Today, the attention span of people is very less and coming up with a video will help you grab the instant attention of your potential audience and customers and convey the message in a more powerful, creative and precise manner. 123TWS is one of the best digital marketing agency in Coimbatore - we have an expert team of graphic and video creators who help businesses with client testimonial videos, event promotion videos, education videos, product/services explainer videos, corporate videos and more. We have great attention to detail and a creative sense that helps us create the best videos possible for your business

Benefits of Video Marketing
  •  Builds brand awareness and online presence to a great factor.
  •  Helps connect with audiences in a more powerful and easy manner.
  •  Helps with social media engagement, events and more.
  •  Conveys the message in a more fashionable way.

6. Online Reputation Development

A good online reputation can skyrocket your brand awareness and credibility factor to a great extent. Also, good online reputation promotes free word-of-motuh marketing which in turn brings a great deal of new visitors for your brand. 123TWS top digital marketing company in Coimbatoreprotects your online reputation by taking care of your online reviews that come across your name, company, products, reviews to make sure your businesses is always in the good books of your business.

Benefits of Online Reputation Development
  •  Online reputation build trust and credibility among the community
  •  Increases word-of-mouth and drives new traffic from unexpected sources to your business.
  •  Good online reputation indirectly leads to increased sales and revenue

7. WhatsApp Ad Creation and Marketing

WhatsApp marketing is the best way to create personalized connections with your customers and potential clients. It’s because you directly reach with them and this gives you a chance to promote your products and services in a more efficient manner. We create best messages and creatives for your business to help with WhatsApp marketing.

Benefits of WhatsApp Marketing
  •  Personalized interactions with customers and potential audiences.
  •  Build a connection between the business and the client.
  •  Easy to execute, optimize and cost-effective as well.
  •  Conveys the message in a more fashionable way.

8. Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS services is an ideal marketing method to promote offers, new services, launch products, send invites and do more. One of the reasons why a lot of businesses use bulk SMS services is because of its efficiency. We help you reach out to businesses with out bulk SMS and make sure your business gets the best results.

Benefits of Bulks SMS Services
  •  Better opening rates and fast means of marketing.
  •  Direct access to the inbox of your existing and potential customers’.
  •  Opportunity to make the marketing message more personalized.
  •  Laser targeting approach so that you can drive better conversions.

Those are the digital marketing services we provide at 123TWS digital marketing agency. You can check out our other services listed below in case you are looking for something else.

Why You Should Choose Digital Marketing Services Company In Coimbatore?

123TWS is one of the best digital marketing companies in Coimbatore, thanks to the below-mentioned qualities. Here’s what makes us a top digital marketing company in Coimbatore,

Expert & Knowledgeable Team

At 123TWS, we have experts for every service we provide. Whether it be digital marketing services or web development services, we have the best minds on our team who provide excellent services. We have over 500+ happy clients who have witnessed results with our digital marketing services.

Wide Range of SEO Services

Like we already said, at 123TWS, we provide end-to-end digital marketing services. It’s like an all-in-one approach that helps you grow your business across all possible mediums. Talk to use once and we’ll take care of it from the start to the end.

Goal Oriented & Results-Driven Approach

Results matter to us above all and we make sure that it comes out as expected. We set a growth goal for your business and strive to achieve and bring out results. This is one reason that makes us one of the best digital marketing agency in Coimbatore

Years of Experience

We have more than two decades of experience in helping businesses meet their goals. It’s our experience that makes us one of the top digital marketing companies in Coimbatore.

Highly Cost-Effective

We are one of the digital marketing agency in Coimbatore that offer low-cost digital marketing services. This comes with a mission to help all sizes of businesses to leverage and use the digital space for their business growth.

Hire the #1 Digital Marketing Agency in Coimbatore. Grow Traffic, Leads & Conversions 10x.

Partner with the best digital marketing company in Coimbatore for your business growth. Talk to one of our experts over a free 1-1 personalized session and know how we can help you with your business growth.
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